The 72 Names of God, Black Kabbalah Symbols Frame – for healers, meditators. Kabbalah poster JPG, PDF


The Angels of the Shemhamphorash
When the permutation method of Temurah is applied to three consecutive verses in the Book of Exodus Chapter 14 (verses 19, 20,
  21) and using a technique known as Boustaphedron 72 triads of characters emerge. Combined, the 72 triads form the 216 letter name of God. Each triad of letters individually forms the name of an Angel.
The 72 Angelic Names are collectively referred to as the Shemhamphorash (“Divided Name”) and each Angel is individually referred to as an Angel of the Shemhamphorash.
All 72 gods are written in the Hebrew language. And under each god’s name is a description of this god (in English).
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